We should be happy not because everything is good but because you can see the good in everything. There was a girl who tried to see good in everything. But soon she realised that she was wrong. Three years ago someone killed her ability to see. Today that girl was killed again. Who killed her no one knows. And no one will know why she was killed. She was a girl with lot of friends. But what happened? Whatever she had…all are gone with the wind. In the last one year she saw many things. Trusted wrong people. Some even blamed her in order to save them. Some even twisted her hands when she was crying in pain. Is that a kind of mental torture? Finally she got something what se wanted for last six months. I just don’t understand why she messes up everything.

Now she thinks that she don’t deserve anything. She don’t even deserve happiness. She don’t deserve anyone. People say that she has got nothing in her brain. People interfered in her life but she said nothing. Even if they don’t have any right to interfere. But I killed her. I trusted the wrong people who ruined her life. If she got something, I messed up everything that ruined all good moments. I am not extrovert and social (what others say) and that reflects on the life of her. I make everyone freak out. I make everyone angry. I make ruin everyone’s mood. And in this way I killed that girl who deserved everything. I killed her. I’m sorry for whatever I did with that girl. I never wanted to do this but situations did this and I blame myself because I created those situations. Everything has got some limits. And I crossed all limits. That girl who died was a strong girl. She overcome all kind of hurdles and obstacles. But I can’t change the truth that I killed her. I killed myself only. That girl is me.

Hello Everyone!

Well, welcome you to the very first post of Claire’s28.  I’m StarryClaire and this blog will be handled by three persons and one of them wrote this

This blog will focus on different  things and the most important  thing is Musical Diaries where stories will be linked with songs  that will be wrote with masterly finesse.  stories are made all the time.  Rumors  stories  to insult others…… Some graceful  stories that bring smile and some mysterious  like the mystery of twelve years old dense mirror.

We will try to maintain the  perfect grace of this blog.  Thank you for spending your time for reading this.